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IMLS eMedical is an engaging interactive online learning course system that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the medical emergencies that face our patients daily. The IMLS eMedical Course System uses new technologies to provide the student with a chance to hear, see, read, and most importantly interact with the material.

This exemplary program helps the student retain critical knowledge for them to access when they need to the most. Using the highest quality professional computer programmers, animators, voice over professionals and graphic designers, the IMLS course system will give you professional continuing education credits, prepare you for your EMT or AEMCA exams or get you closer to launching your EMS career! . In addition, The IMLS course system is ideal for Fire Departments and EMS Organizations to help keep training costs down, while still maintaining professional training. The IMLS course system contains Six Modules with over 10 hours of voice over recording, diagrams, animation, interactive curriculum, video, quizzes and an examination for you to review over a 12 month period.

If you are looking for state of the art EMS elearning , Sign up today and start progressing your career using the "IMLS eMedical Course System" - A leader in EMS Education!

  • Six Interactive Modules
  • Over 10 hours of Instruction
  • Includes Voice over, diagrams, animations, quizzes
  • Accredited online EMS Education (CECBEMS - 9 CEHs)
  • One year access
  • Affordable and Accessible EMS Education 24/7

The IMLS eMedical Course Systems is designed with six Modules. Each Module takes roughly one to one and a half hours of online interactive learning to complete. This does not take into account review time, revision and studying for the assessments.

Although presentation of the curriculum is delivered in a carefully designed way to ensure understanding and enjoyment, it is encouraged that students interact with the material often to ensure true understanding of course material and outcomes.

Each course ends with a review module and summaries to help "put things together".

Rates starting from:
EMS Department$349.95/year